Standby Generator Installation Napa County, CA

Standby Generator Installation Napa County, CA

There is a simple and affordable way to ensure that your power stays on whether it’s night or day, and whether the grid is up or down. Our professional team offers standby generator installation services to our solar clients in the Napa County, CA area. A residential backup generator allows you to continue using lights, hot water, and other necessities when the power goes out. They can also be useful if you are looking to install an off-grid system that doesn’t rely on the grid’s power at all. Our generator installation company is based in San Rafael, CA and we service a large surrounding radius. Find and schedule expert generator service near me:

  • Napa County, CA
  • Sonoma County, CA
  • Marin County, CA
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Residential Backup Generator

Power-outages aren’t uncommon in our area. With wildfires and earthquakes becoming more common, you can expect the grid to go down occasionally. When it does, households can lose electricity for days or even weeks while the problem is being resolved. During that time, air conditioning, running water, refrigeration, lights, security systems, and other electricity-requiring comforts are unavailable. A standby generator installation from SonoMarin Solar ensures that your home continues to run with full functionality regardless of what’s happening with the electric grid.

Off-grid solar systems require some kind of backup power to be able to operate when sunlight isn’t available, or when it doesn’t produce enough energy to meet the home’s needs. Some households opt to install a battery, which stores excess energy produced by solar panels to be used later on when the panels aren’t producing. This is an efficient and environmentally friendly option, but not always the most affordable. If you are looking for an economical solution, a gas-powered generator may be your best bet. Our expert team installs high-quality brands and offers warranties on many of our products.

Our systems are:

  • Reliable: Never worry about your power going out – our systems have guaranteed dependability
  • Efficient: We install the most fuel-efficient generators to ensure you low-cost operation
  • Backed: Every standby generator installation by SonoMarin Solar comes with a warranty

If you have had a solar energy system installed in your home by SonoMarin Solar, contact us today to learn about your residential backup generator options. If you are considering switching to solar energy and want to ensure that your system has proper backup power, we can offer a complete system that includes panels and a generator. Find out more today: call (415) 985-5458 or fill out our online contact form.

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Generator Installation Company

Why should you call SonoMarin Solar for your standby generator installation? You could go with any local generator installation company or electrician, or even go the D.I.Y route, but you may not get optimal results. We’re specially trained to install generators for the purpose of backing up solar-powered homes and businesses. With more than 10 years of experience in solar installations, our technicians have unparalleled knowledge and can help you select a residential backup generator that meets your home’s unique needs. Our team is prompt, friendly, and professional, offering personalized service and attention to every single customer. Choose a reliable, specialized generator installation company to complete your solar energy system; choose SonoMarin Solar. 

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Generator Service Near Me

Have you been searching for “generator service near me” in the Napa County, CA area? SonoMarin Solar is the local authority for solar energy and other electrical solutions. Get a free consultation for our standby generator installation services by calling or filling out our contact form today.

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