Commercial Solar Novato, CA

Commercial Solar Novato, CA

You can save on overhead costs and meet sustainability goals by powering your business with solar energy. SonoMarin Solar is a trusted commercial solar company. We offer our services in Novato, CA, San Rafael, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our commercial solar installation services can be tailored for a number of applications. These include office buildings, retail stores, and industrial facilities. When it comes to designing and installing solar panels for business facilities, we put extra emphasis on cost-efficiency. It’s our goal to help your company save in the long-term. This way, you can be more profitable. With utility prices increasing annually, wouldn’t you like to lock in a low energy cost that won’t change in the coming years? Our experts can give you an accurate estimate of how much you will save with a solar power system.

Switching to solar energy is also a great way for companies to reduce their environmental impact. This is always good for the conscience and public image. Our commercial solar company is committed to improving the environment by reducing the Novato, CA area’s dependence on harmful fossil fuels. Our systems help businesses become energy independent and eco-friendly. Additionally, they help you save thousands. You can join the solar revolution that thousands of businesses are already benefiting from across the country. The switch to solar is easier and more affordable than you would expect. Let us guide you through your installation and transition to solar energy.

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Solar Panels For Business

We can install a variety of systems that support solar panels for business applications. That includes roof-mounted systems as well as ground-mounted systems. Our commercial solar experts will assess your business’ energy needs as well as the features of your building that will impact system efficiency. Then, we can offer you a 3D design of our proposed system with a cost estimate. We can also show you how much money your business will receive from government incentives. Additionally, we’ll show you how much we project you will save on electricity.

What are the benefits of solar panels for business properties?

  • Reduce overhead costs by locking in low-cost energy
  • Reduce environmental impact, making the earth and your customers happy

By having solar panels on your building, your company makes a statement. Additionally, it shows customers what you care about. Contact us today in order to get your free consultation and find out how much you could be saving with solar energy. Get your commercial solar installation from a local contractor with experience. Choose SonoMarin Solar.

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Commercial Solar Installation

We only offer customized solar energy solutions. That means your system will be tailored to your business’ specific needs. We can work with you to develop a system that meets your savings and sustainability goals, within your budget. Our team installs the highest quality solar panels for business applications. This is because our technicians are passionate about solar. Additionally, they can explain the science behind it to you. There are a number of solar panel installers that work with businesses in the Novato, CA area. What sets us apart is our genuine desire to help our customers achieve their goals with solar energy.

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Commercial Solar Company

Are you looking for an experienced and reliable commercial solar company in the North Bay area? We have 10 years of experience providing commercial solar installation services to local businesses. That means we know what it takes to design the perfect system for your needs and budget. Rather than focus on making sales, we prefer to form partnerships with the businesses who contract us. Your company’s goals become our goals when it comes to savings and electrical capabilities. Our services are unparalleled when it comes to customization, dedicated support, and affordability.

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Guy Zwick Avatar
Guy Zwick
6/06/2019 - Google

Nick And Avner installed solar panels at my mom house in Novato at 2018. I love the time and dedication... read more


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